How can I inform the tax authorities about my (new) bank account?

You can choose 2 ways to inform the tax authorities about your (new) bank account. The first way is to login to www.mijnbelastingdienst.nl with your DigID and click on "Geldzaken" then click "Ik wil mijn rekeningwijzigen" Fill out the form and send it digital to the tax authorities. Please note that the bank account has [...]

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Q. How long does it take before we will receive our money back or hear from the Dutch Tax Authorities?

After filing a declaration or sending a letter of objection it can take up to 8 weeks before the Dutch tax authorities will administrate your case. Sometimes it can take even longer due to the difficulty of a particular situation/case For a regular annual declaration the tax authorities promise they will give you an answer [...]

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