If you are working and/or living as an expat in The Netherlands it is a probability you pay Dutch taxes. As an expat in The Netherlands it is usually beneficial to check the Dutch tax refund possibilities, because expats often have beneficial regulations and more Dutch tax return possibilities compared to the “normal” Dutch tax payers. Even if you have not received an invitation to submit a tax declaration, it is important to check your personal tax situation on a regularly basis.. A specialized expat tax advisor can assist you in a professional way and check if you don’t miss any deduction opportunities while filing your tax return in the Netherlands. We have already helped a big number of satisfied clients and surprised them pleasantly with our services! Not only individuals but also a number of (small) busineses and startups have discovered our services and high level of knowledge on tax matters. With our competitive fees and excellent tax services it is most likely that we are the best partner for you and for you business when it comes down to Dutch taxes.

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We are proud to announce, we are also able to help US expats with all of their US expat returns and US Tax matters!

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With years of experience we helped thousands of expats with our expat tax services Netherlands to their great satisfaction with all the rules and regulations regarding the Dutch tax services in The Netherlands. We have years of experience in providing tax services for expats and know how to make sure your all your applications and tax declarations will be granted by “de Belastingdienst” (the Dutch Tax Authorities). This experience will increase the chance your application is approved for example when you apply for the 30% ruling or want to submit a letter of objection. We were even able to help expats getting an approval who received a rejection on their first 30% ruling application.. Because we work efficiently and fast it helps you to keep the costs for Dutch tax and financial tax advice under control. How me manage to do that? We work according to the triple A-system, Accurate, Accredited, Affordable so you are always guaranteed of the best value for money when it comes to expat tax services in The Netherlands. For small business we have affordable services without making concessions on quality. Let us do the administration and deal with tax matters so you can do what your good at “doing business”.

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We also help expats filing an M-form and a C-form

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We work as much as possible paperless. Not only to keep the costs as low as possible for you but also for the environment.

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Dutch tax return

Dutch income Tax Return

Filing a Dutch tax declaration in the Dutch language can be difficult and takes loads of time. Let us release you from this hassle! We do not only look at the last year figures, but investigate your complete circumstances. We will point out your personal opportunities to save tax. From provisonal tax returns to filing M-forms or C-forms at Tax & Service Solutions B.V. people are happy to assist you filing your tax return.

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30 percent ruling

30% Ruling

The 30%-ruling in The Netherlands is a Dutch tax facility for expats working in the Netherlands and pay Dutch taxes. The ruling not only results in 30% benfit on your gross salary but also gives sometime benefits on having assets. To be able to retrieve this 30% ruling you must make sure that the 30% ruling is granted. Tax & Service Solutions has all the expertise to advice you on how to apply for this ruling. Even if the ruling was rejected the first time.

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Dutch tax scan

Dutch Tax Scan

Whatever situation you are in, it is most times beneficial to take a closer look at your financial and personal tax situation. So you can be sure you are claiming all Dutch tax return possibilties you are entitled off. We offer you a quick scan of your personal (Dutch) tax situation. If filing your tax return turns out to be beneficial we will charge you a small fee for our work. When you decide we can file your Dutch taxes for on behalf of you, we will deduct this fee from our regular fee.

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Small business

Small Business & Startups

Want to start a business in The Netherlands? Need help with declarations for you company? We have the expertise to provide you the service

We also work with the best notaries/lawyers if needed and provide you with a “one stop” service.This means you always have 1 contact person who knows all ins and outs for both your business and personal situation when it comes to Dutch tax matters. A comforting idea.

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