Having your own business or starting your own business in The Netherlands?


Than it is likely that you will encounter lots of tax matters concerning your business. Questions will rise like what kind of legal entity should I choose, a BV (limited liability) or should you rather choose for the “eenmanszaak” (sole trader/one person business)?

The specialists at Tax & Service Solutions are happy to help you answer all of these questions by giving you all the required information and advice on all matters which are important for your particular situation. We not only look at the current situation but also involve your future plans and experiences. Discover our package deals especially for startups in The Netherlands and (small) businesses in The Netherlands. With these packages you will always be up to date with your administration and tax matters and at the highest service level you will find in The Netherlands.

Let us take care of all the tax matters so you can focus on doing your business in The Netherlands

Our expat business service packages

Keeping your books up to date can be a very time consuming business. Besides the bookkeeping you want to be sure that all the tax declarations are done in time without thinking about it and without any issues. This is where we in excel. Making sure that you do what you like to. DOING BUSINESS without the hassle of all the required paperwork which has to be done for tax matters. Below you’ll find a summary of the packages we have to offer you. Beside these packages we also provide services which are customized to your business/personal situation and requirements. Which package you decide to choose we will always provide the best quality.


This package is customized for startups who are searching for a high service at a basic price. No frills and just a solid and reliable service with the thought that starting a business is expensive enough.


Especially for small business which experience a significant increasing business (like employees) and need more support on their financial and tax matters. With this service you will be ready for extra growth in the future.


This package was developed for small businesses and/or BV’s with up to 2 employees and contains a full salary administration for 2 employees which can easily be extended to more employees when needed.


900 / yearly
  • Full accounting services
  • BTW (VAT) declarations 4x a year Yearly tax declaration* 4 free tax consults a year.


1350 / yearly
  • Full accounting services
  • 24/7 acces to your financial situation BTW declarations 4x a year Yearly tax declaration* 6 free tax consults a year Assistance with starting a BV**


2000 / yearly
  • Full accounting services
  • 2 full salary administrations 2 salary tax declarations 24/7 acces to your financial situation BTW declarations 4x a year Yearly tax declaration* 6 free tax consults a year Assistance with starting a BV** (In case of a BV the VPB tax declaration)

* yearly declarations are made for sole-traders and the.personal tax declaration of the main shareholder

**This includes the checkup of all the documents and requested.balances for opening the single BV. The start-up costs are not included

*** All our fees mentioned are excluding VAT

How to start your own business in The Netherlands as an expat.

The easiest way of starting you own business is to visit a chamber of commerce (Kamer van Koophandel or KvK) in your home town or the nearest one to your home town and let yourself be registered as a one-(wo)mans business. Usually the legal form will be a sole-trader/one mans business (eenmanszaak). After this you are in business and can call yourself entrepreneur. Being a sole-trader does not mean you can’t have any employees working for you. You can have as many as you want working for you and basically it has all to do with liability. Although it may look like your private and company assets are separate this is not the case. When starting as a sole-trader business you can be held fully liable for all your private assets when doing business. This is because it sometimes can be more beneficial to start a BV instead of a sole-traders business. By starting a BV you will have a limited liability and your private will be more protected against creditors in case something goes wrong with your business. On our “BV page” you’ll find more information about starting a BV in The Netherlands.

Doing business in The Netherlands as a business owner does not only require entrepreneurship but also knowledge on how to manage your business financially and knowledge about all the rules and regulations you will encounter. With Tax & Service Solutions you will have a partner who guides you through all the financial and tax matters without lossing control. Besides our packages we also provide customized services. If you would only like us to take care of your BTW declarations or your annual declarations/reports we are happy to help you. Always feel free to contact us for an offer and of course without any obligations. Simply click the contact button and send us a message. We guarantee you will not be disappointed!

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