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Dutch Taxes and DutchTax Returns

Am I obliged to file my Tax return declaration in The Netherlands?

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Every resident in the Netherlands over 18 years older who earns an income or has assets in The Netherlands is obliged to file a yearly Dutch tax return when you receive a notification from the “Belastingdienst” (Dutch tax authorities). However sometimes it takes a while (years) before you will receive a notification from the Dutch tax authorities to file your Dutch tax declaration.

After filing your Dutch taxes it also sometimes turns out that you don’t have to file your declaration anymore. If this is the case you will be notified by the tax authorities. This of course doesn’t mean that it can be still beneficial for you to file taxes anyway. If your financial situation changes it is recommended to check if filing will be obliged or beneficial irties again.

You are always obliged to file your Dutch tax return if one of the following situations isapplicable for you:

  • If you received a notification from the tax authorities
  • Having more then 1 job or employer during a year
  • If you own a private held business or work as a freelancer
  • You know you will have to pay taxes due to your financial situation
  • After receiving a preliminary tax return in a particular year (monthly rebate for our mortgage payments)
  • If your worldwide assets exceed the threshold of that particular year

The Dutch Tax Return Forms

There are several types of tax declaration forms to file your personal tax return. The Dutch taxes require different forms for different kinds of personal financial situations.


This is the most common and far out most used way to file your personal Dutch tax returns. Used for mortgage deduction, employment income and (worldwide) assets.




This form is to be used for non-resident tax payers who have taxable source of income such as rent from real-estate in The Netherlands.

Dutch tax form


For Dutch tax residents who arrived from abroad into the Netherlands or left the Netherlands during the taxable year. Visit our special M-FORM page to learn more about this type of tax declaration.




This is not an official form but the term is used a lot in The Netherlands and therefore mentioned here. Basically it is the way to apply for a provisional tax return on your tax based on deductible costs like mortgage interest.


Tax & Service Solutions can file every tax return declaration for you. Because Tax & Service Solutios files thousands of tax declarations on a yearly base we known with allmost every situation an expat can face. Your tax declaration for 2016 and previous years can be filed up to 5 years back. “Tax time” in The Netherlands is every year between March 1 and May 1. Even when you received a final assessment we are able to apply for an official review of your declaration. If you did not receive a notification then the question is whether you have to file a tax declaration. Our Dutch Tax Scan can help you answer that questions simple and easy for you. Do you have your own business or planning to start a business our experts are standing by to help you with all tax and administration matters regarding your (new) business

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