Our (Tax) Services always have a fixed fee


Filing tax declarations can be very difficult and annoying, especially if you don’t speak (much) Dutch. From filing an M-form to applying for allowances, Tax & Service Solutions are happy to help you out with all aspects of tax issues and tax matters.

We always charge transparent and competitive rates so there are no extra charges or surprises for you. Below you will find a summary of our services including our rates




All our above fees include 21% BTW (VAT)

We like to offer you transparent and good rates, just like our services.
If we need to file a letter of objection if our tax declaration is rejected,
we will not charge any additional fees.
Because of the large number of requests we receive through email for (general)
advise we are forced to charge a fee of € 75,- for each consultation by email.
For customised services, we will charge you a fixed fee based on the estimated work.
This way, you know exactly what costs you can expect.
Feel free to contact us whenever you have questions.
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