Dutch Payroll

Payroll administration and HR administration in The Netherlands

We are proud to offer you a unique service for your company. A full payroll tax administration combined with a
full HR administration for your Dutch and or foreign employees working in The Netherlands.

We provide Dutch payroll tax services to all types of businesses.

Whether you are,

  • A foreign company which send employees to the Netherlands
  • A company in the Netherlands which employ (foreign) workers
  • A recruitment and contracting agency
  • An Umbrella company
  • A so called stamrecht B.V.

We have the solution for your all your HR matters and Dutch payroll tax matters. Combine our payroll tax administration with our HR services and discover the comfort and affordability of our service.

Why should you choose Tax & Service Solutions B.V. for your Dutch payroll and HR services?

We offer you a unique combined package of payroll and HR administration which gives you full control on your administration but not the burdens.

We assist you with the full startup procedure if required.

The Dutch payroll administration includes:

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