When you live abroad and have income in The Netherlands you are obliged to file a C-Form

 When living abroad and having assets or income out of assets like rent from a rented property you will have to file taxes. This has to be done with a so called C-Form.

For individuals the only way to file taxes when you are living outside the Netherlands and have any sort of income out of The Netherlands.




Q. What kind of additional questions can I expect?

Basically the Dutch tax authorities want to know everything about your background. Like where did you live before coming to The Netherlands, did you earn money in The Netherlands while living in a foreign country etc.

The most common required (additional) questions are:

  1. Did you earn an income out of The Netherlands while living abroad?
  2. Your nationality
  3. The country you live in now
  4. When married, your wedding date


Q. That doesn’t seem to be very difficult. Can’t I file this myself?.

Of course you’re always free to file your own declarations yourself. However from our experience we see a lot of mistakes made in filing taxes (even by the Dutch themselves!) and because the declaration form (booklet) is only available in Dutch the chances of making (minor) mistakes with a big (financial) impact can be considerably high.


Q. My partner doesn’t have an income in The Netherlands. Does he/she also have to file an Cform

It is recommendable for your partner to check with our Tax Scan whether filing an Cform can be beneficial or not. Our experience shows that this is often not the case.


Q. I don’t have an income and only own a house in The Netherlands, do i also have to file a declaration?

Yes when owning a property in The Netherlands you are always obliged to file your taxes in The Netherlands even if you live aboard.


Q. Will I be charged for taxes in the current country I am living at this moment when I have an income in The Netherlands?

The Dutch tax authorities have tax treaties with most countries in the world. Usually when you pay taxes in The Netherlands you don’t have to pay/or pay less taxes in another country. However to be sure we always recommend to inform at a local tax specialist in the country you live in. We only take in account the Dutch tax law and if there are foreign matters which we have to take in account please notify us.


Q. I looked on the internet site of the “Belastingdienst” to download the form but I can’t find it.

The Cform is not available on the website of the “Belastingdienst” The only way to receive it is by calling the “belastingtelefoon” (0800-0543) and they will send it to you by post. We are able to file the Cform electronically and provide you a report in English, German or Dutch from the year 2013 and further. 2011 and 2012 are only available in Dutch.