No More Tax Deduction on Workspace for ZZP’ers

Secretary of Finance Wiebes will soon release a letter of amendment stating that freelancers may not deduct their rent if they use at least 10% of their rented house as a workspace. This decision overturns the Supreme Court judgment.

In August this year, the Supreme Court indicated that entrepreneurs could deduct the rent they had paid from their income taxes, provided they use at least 10% of their rental house as a workspace. The Secretary of State has now put an end to this scheme. Due to the large amount of attention the judgment received, he expects it will cost the Treasury too much.

Inequality between entrepreneurs with owner-occupied houses and rented houses.

In addition, the judgment created a disparity in the treatment of entrepreneurs with a non-independent workspace in a rented house and entrepreneurs who owned their own home. This disparity has now been corrected again by the letter of amendment. Costs for an independent workspace in both owner-occupied houses and rental houses will remain income tax deductible.

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