Notional Rental Value

This is why you can't deduct your full interest payments from your gross income. In this article I will try to explain, in a very simple way, how the notional rental value works and how it affects your mortgage payments deduction. When they buy a house, a lot of expats in the Netherlands don’t realise [...]

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Still Received it Two Years Later

Six weeks ago I was contacted by a client who had already lived and worked in the Netherlands for 28 months, but who had not applied for the 30% ruling when he arrived in the Netherlands. As all his colleagues and friends told him that the maximum period in which you can apply for the [...]

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National Audit Office Questions 30% Ruling and Calls for Proper Research

30 percent ruling in the Netherlands The tax break payable to some expats has been called into question by the Dutch government’s audit office, which says the 30% ruling has never been properly evaluated. Claims that the ruling encourages highly-skilled foreigners to settle in the Netherlands and boosts the country’s attractiveness as a place to [...]

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30% Ruling Ends, Now What?

What happens when I lose the 30% ruling? This is a question my clients ask us frequently. Basically the answer is quite simple: You will have to pay more taxes and will be treated like an ordinary Dutch resident when it comes to paying taxes in the Netherlands. Of course this is a very generalised [...]

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Foreign Investors Focus on the Dutch Rental Market

Foreign investors are increasingly focusing on the Dutch rental market Between 2013 and 2015, corporations sold 15,000 homes to investors, according to figures from housing associations, the NRC reports. The majority were social housing and the majority were bought by foreign investors. Foreign investors previously invested more in offices and retail, but now the Dutch [...]

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Higher Mortgage for Two-Income Households in 2017

From 2017, two-income households will be able to take out a higher mortgage than is currently the case. Currently, 50 percent of the second income is in taken into account when applying for a mortgage. Next year it will be increased to 60 percent. The Ministry of Finance confirms that this proposal for consultation was [...]

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WOZ Value Increases in the Netherlands

This year, the average WOZ value of houses in the Netherlands will increase significant  Last Thursday, the Central Bureau for Statistics (CBS), stated that on the 1st January 2016, the average WOZ value was € 209,000 euros, an increase of 1.5 percent from the previous year. You can find more information on the WOZ value in this blog [...]

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Champagne Cheaper in 2017

The 'luxury tax' on sparkling drinks such as champagne, prosecco and cava expires on the 1st January 2017. On average, a bottle will become 1.10 euros cheaper. The special rate did not apply to cheaper bottles of prosecco with a screw cap. According to RTL, ten million bottles of sparkling beverages are sold annually. This [...]

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VAT Rules on Bad Debts Simplified

Proposal to simplify refunding VAT on bad debts The Finance Secretary has proposed simplifying the refund of VAT on bad debts by the 1st January 2017. The right to reimbursement arises when the payment has not been received by your organisation one year after it was due, fully or in part. Example If an invoice [...]

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Hotline for Self-Employed Individuals

Hotline for self-employed people From mid-October, people who are self-employed and have no employees (ZZPers) can report their problems to the tax authorities via a hotline. This hotline will be an online digital form on the website of the tax authorities. Eric Wiebes With this hotline, Secretary of State Eric Wiebes (finance), wants to gain [...]

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