WOZ Value Increases in the Netherlands

This year, the average WOZ value of houses in the Netherlands will increase significant 

Last Thursday, the Central Bureau for Statistics (CBS), stated that on the 1st January 2016, the average WOZ value was € 209,000 euros, an increase of 1.5 percent from the previous year. You can find more information on the WOZ value in this blog post.

The WOZ value is determined by municipalities and affects the rate of a number of taxes, including property tax, income tax and sewerage charges.

In 2010, the average WOZ value was 242,000 euros per house. Then a long decline began. The WOZ value is still almost 14 percent lower than the 2010 level.

House prices have been gradually increasing. The development of the WOZ value follows that of owner-occupied homes with about a year’s delay.

This is because property belonging to the housing stock on the 1st January will be valued according to its value on the 1st January of the previous year. Rental properties are also taken into account when determining the WOZ value.


In Amsterdam, the average house value saw the strongest increase of 9 percent last year, from 232,000 euros to 253,000 euros per house. Elburg saw the most dramatic change. Here the real-property value went down by 9.2 percent.

The provinces of North Holland, South Holland and Limburg showed the strongest increase last year, while the average house value in Gelderland and Groningen remained the same.

The average WOZ value is highest in the province of Utrecht at 243,000 euros. North Holland and North Brabant with 240,000 euros and 227,000 euros respectively stand in second and third place. Houses in the province of Groningen show, with an average of 155,000 euros, the lowest WOZ value.

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