Higher Mortgage for Two-Income Households in 2017

From 2017, two-income households will be able to take out a higher mortgage than is currently the case.
Currently, 50 percent of the second income is in taken into account when applying for a mortgage. Next year it will be increased to 60 percent.

The Ministry of Finance confirms that this proposal for consultation was submitted to mortgage lenders and mortgage advisers.

Every year
Every year the Ministry of Finance considers whether the rules on mortgage loans have to be adjusted. The proposal to take a higher percentage of the second income into account is part of that.

Loan to value
Next year, according to the VEH (Vereniging Eigen Huis), it will in some cases also be possible to get an exception for the so-called loan-to-value ratio, the ratio of the amount of the mortgage and the value of the house. This year, it is 102 percent. In 2017 it be reduced to 101 percent.

According to the VEH, the exception applies to buyers and owners of houses that need ‘necessary improvements to security’. This concerns, for example, foundation repairs or roof reconstructions.

January 2017

Mortgage lenders and mortgage consultants have until the 22nd September 2016 to respond to the proposal made by the Ministry of Finance. As of the 1st January 2017 all new rules will be implemented

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